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Math tutor DVD has a host of different math DVD’s. The first DVD I reviewed was The Basic Math word problem Tutor (price $26.99). Word problems can be challenging to kids. The key to success at solving a word problem is understanding what exactly is the problem asking you to do. Add? Subtract? Multiply? Divide? Math tutor teaches kids to turn their ear to key words (like total of, how many in all, the sum), which will ultimately give them success at solving the problem. Math tutor also shows the student how to decipher the problem step by step, labeling the problem with the content of the problem. Some of what is covered in the word problem DVD is addition of whole numbers, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, whole numbers and decimals.

The tutor keeps things very understandable. He works on a large dry erase board, and the camera switches from focusing on him as the teacher to the problem being worked out on the board. He goes slowly, and it was easy for my second grader to follow along with the steps of the math problem. Here’s an example of one of the word problems:

Bob has 7 pencils, Jenny has 5. How many do they have all together?

A boat is 27 feet long, a car is 13 feet long, how much longer is the boat than the car?

As the tutor took the student step by step my son had a ball shouting the answer out before the tutor. He really enjoyed watching, following along, and successfully solving the problems. This is my one who has found math challenging, but being more of a visual/hands on learner, this DVD approach worked well for him.

The second DVD I previewed was Algebra 2 (price $26.99). This 6 hour video course sports a big yellow triangle on the DVD that states, “The use of the DVD will cause increased understanding of Algebra 2 and will lead to higher grades.” (The word problem DVD has the same claim). WOW! After watching both these DVD’s I have no doubt this claim is accurate. My 8th grader has found Algebra at times frustrating, and I am honestly no help to him. So, this DVD was a great thing to come along. Everything from graphing equations and the slope of a line to Fractional Exponents and Solving Polynomial Equations is covered. I have no idea what any of that means but I thought it makes my review sound more professional. Thankfully, my son gets it, and he gets it even more because of this CD. He has been watching it and tells me the tutor does a good job explaining Algebra in easy to understand terms. Working in the same format as the basic Math word problem, the tutor teaches the concepts using a dry erase board and dissecting the concept step by step.

The best way to learn math is to do math, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in these videos, a chance to work alongside a math specialist and do problem after problem.

Considering these courses are 8 hours and 6 hours, you’ll want to take it in small chunks to help with assimilation of the material.

Overall, I think most people will find this presentation a bit dry, but accurate and effective.

Be sure to scoot over to the math tutor DVD website to learn more. You can get some free samples videos.

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