Red flags raised for Oklahoma homeschoolers

Red flags raised for Oklahoma homeschoolers

Homeschool students who “go into public schools” are not the norm. These are obviously failures to homeschool or they wouldn’t be put in school. When will the state become accountable to parents rather than asking parents to be accountable to the state?

On the average, homeschooled students who go into public schools are two years behind students their age, Wilson said.

“You hear examples of homeschool students excelling, but that is not the norm,” Wilson said.

Wilson cited potential abuse among some of the homeschooling parents as the reason behind the bill.

Some parents are not teaching their children but are putting them in front of a television, he said.

“I call that child abuse,” Wilson said.

Parents of homeschooled children don’t want any regulation or accountability, he said.

“If they are doing a good job, they shouldn’t mind anyone looking at their curriculum,” Wilson said. Read more…

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