The Challenge of Homeschooling… for Two Weeks

The Challenge of Homeschooling for two weeks

Here’s a story by a NYC Mom who tried homeschooling… for two weeks. Too complicated, untraditional and besides, the 5 year old changed her mind.

For me, coming from rural Pennsylvania, the word homeschooling conjured up images of socially backward, religiously fanatical children prepared, more or less, for life on the farm. It was a big surprise, then, to find myself years later attempting to convince my husband that I should homeschool our 5-year-old daughter, Isabel.

Armed with books, Yahoo group memberships and a few interested friends, I began chipping away at my husband’s skepticism. The biggest selling point for him was maintaining control of our child’s education. Read more…

3 Replies to “The Challenge of Homeschooling… for Two Weeks”

  1. I don’t even know where to begin. Two weeks wasn’t long enough. Many people hate things just because they are new and different.

    I hate to imagine what her child will be like when she is older since the mom gives in to her. A 5 year old does not have enough maturity, knowledge, or life experiences to make such decisions concerning schooling.

  2. It was an interesting article. At first I was discusted at the mother for giving up so soon, but then I realized that public schooling, like homeschooling, is a matter of personal choice. And if we want people to respect our choice to homeschool or unschool, we need to respect other people’s choices to school the way they feel most comfortable with. While kindergarten is a good fit for her and her daughter now, she may change her mind later on. Likewise, someday homeschooling may not work for my children and together we may make that decision to bring the public school back into our lives.

    For now, we are enjoying this and eachother. I sincerely hope it lasts, but who knows what the future holds.

  3. I’m fine with someone choosing public school or even changing from homeschool to public school. But two weeks wasn’t really giving it a try.

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