The Dragon’s Eye

Oh no! Another book on dragons. In addition to Eragon and Eldest by Christopher Paolini, the Dragon Keeper series by Donita Paul, the Dragons in Our Midst series by Bryan Davis, and the Dragonslayer trilogy by the late Dave Marks, now we have this Volume I of the Dragonology Chronicles. Dragons are obviously a popular subject for youth fiction!

In 2003, Dugald A. Steer (the back cover says, Dugald A. Steer lives and writes in London, under a variety of assumed names but the author confirmed to me that this is his real name) published a book entitled Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragon, followed by two companion volumes, Dragonology: Tracking and Taming Dragons Volume 1: European Dragons; and The Dragonology Handbook: A Practical Course in Dragons, all purportedly written by the fictional Dr. Ernest Drake (one of Steer’s assumed names), a supposed nineteenth century English dragonologist. The Dragon’s Eye is a full length fire breathing dragon adventure from the creators of the runaway New York Times bestsellers Dragonology and The Dragonology Handbook. Set in England in 1882, it tells the story of how twelve-year-old Daniel Cook and his sister Beatrice become Dr. Drake’s helpers to keep evil dragonologist Ignatius Crook from stealing the Dragon’s Eye jewel in his attempt to become Dragon Master. The story is well written and interestingly told. I had trouble putting it down. My only objection is that there is a lot of emphasis put on studying the writings of Charles Darwin to learn the principles by which dragons are said to have evolved over millions of years (as though evolution were an established fact), when even atheistic scientists are now abandoning Darwin in droves. If you can overlook that, this is an easy but exciting read for middle school aged children.

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