Artistic Pursuits Jr. High book one: The Elements of Art and composition

Art is the one subject I feel inadequate to teach, so a well laid out, comprehensive and good for art challenged folk like me is what I look for in an art package. Artistic Pursuits is one curriculum that meets my criteria. Its goal is to teach your Jr. Highers to draw, and it teaches it through focusing on the elements of art and the principles of design. It follows an organized succession, and suggests you have all your art supplies, which are easily obtained from an art store, handy. When the creative mood strikes, you’ll want your supplies easily accessible. The supplies consist of drawing pencils, vinyl eraser, sketchpad, aluminum wire, sharpener, and sandpaper block.

There are 7 elements in the elements of art and 9 in composition. These are further broken down into 4 lessons – vocabulary, art appreciation, technique, and application.

So, the students have some predictability and the topics are fresh. The lessons are designed to complete 2 a week, approximately 1 hour each. Some of the lesson topics are space, line texture, shape, form, value, line in 3 dimensions, and others include balance, rhythm, space, perspective, proportion, and more. So how well did it work for us?

The first unit we completed was very easy; in fact all my boys did this one (ages 8, 12, 14). They wrote their name, stretching it across the page so it consumed the space of the paper. They then jazzed up their names with colored pencils. They were quite impressed with their results when they were finished. Now the lessons aren’t all that easy, but it showed them they had an artist in them, they just have to train the artist to come out!

Actually, all of the lessons looked approachable to an art novice like me.

Samples of masterpieces by professionals and students frequent the lesson pages, so you don’t have to necessarily run to the Internet to download samples of artwork for your students to see. It was nice to see the creations of other peers, as it can motivate your students to also produce quality artwork.

Overall, the curriculum seems to offer a good, solid foundation in art. If you are interested in teaching drawing, Artistic pursuits is worth checking out! The book retails for $42.95 They have several other levels, so visit their website to peruse what they have to offer.

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