Classic Bible Storybook

We value Bible reading in our home, my older two boys are also involved in Bible quizzing. But, my youngest isn’t quite ready to read the Bible independently, so we enjoy reading together from Bible storybooks. He’s almost finished with his current one, so the chance to review Tyndale House’s Classic Bible Storybook is perfectly timed. Kenneth Taylor, who is also the writer of the Living Bible, writes this hardcover collection of 120 Bible stores. He has put together a lovely edition, with great stories from the old and new testaments (a hearty 300 pages worth!). The author has penned many children’s books, and he certainly has got a gift for making the Bible easy to understand, especially for children. Here’s an excerpt about the Tower of Babel:

There was only one language at that time. Everyone in the world could understand everyone else. One day the people said to each other, “Let’s build a tower as high as heaven!” The people were proud and wanted to show how great they were. But it is sinful to be proud. The Lord came down from heaven and decided to stop the people from building the tower. So he made them start speaking different languages! One man would ask another for a hammer, but the other man couldn’t understand him. This made them angry with each other, and soon they stopped working any more. When people couldn’t understand each other anymore, they got all mixed up. The word Babel means “mixed up.” So the tower was called the tower of Babel, and it was never finished.

At the end of the stories you’ll find a few short comprehension questions, giving you the opportunity to discuss what you’ve read with your child. This is an attractive Bible storybook, one that will help peek your child’s interest in the Bible as the stories are so well told.

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