Five in a Row Volume 3

Five in a Row has withstood the test of time. Originally published in 1995, this curriculum has remained a popular unit study approach for many homeschooling families. A closer look at it proves it is a worthy choice for those just starting their younger students on their homeschool path. The name is derived from the concept of the curriculum: read a book for 5 days in a row, and do different activities relating to the story in some way. As it is a unit study, it ties in social studies, language arts, art, math, and science into the lesson plans.

You know how tricky it is to pick winning books for our kids. Five in a Row has carefully selected the book choices; they are chosen because of the specific appeal to the students for the story itself, the beautiful language used, the detailed, wonderful art, or the theme that revolves around family and personal growth. You are guaranteed to find you and your child reading quality literature, and you will be instilling good reading habits to your child. The point of reading the book 5 days in a row is not to grow weary of it, but rather allow for the material to be savored. Watch your little ones leap with delight at reading a wonderful story again and again, and watch them catch some new things each time.

Volume 3 explores 15 books, so the curriculum at the minimum should last 15 weeks. The books can be found in your library system. My neighborhood library did not have a few titles, but I could take a short drive and get the book from another library or pay fifty cents to have it sent over to my library. The books don’t have to be read in chronological order, which is very convenient. The first book I enjoyed with my son was “The Bee Tree” By Patricia Polacco. He loved it. And, he loved reading it over the 5 consecutive days. He would bring the book to me and say, “Mommy, it’s time to read The Bee Tree.”

The story is about chasing bees to find the tree they have their hive in, so some fresh honeycomb can be gathered. It was a fun story, and had large, colorful illustrations on all the pages. He looked forward to the different activities we did each day, and especially enjoyed his small serving of honey after each reading! Some of the other book titles we look forward to reading include The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar, Paul Revere’s Ride, Truman’s Ant Farm, and The Salamander Room.

I can’t help gushing, I love books and I love Five in a Row! Centering learning around a good story is ideal for me. I highly recommend this curriculum to you as I feel it is a great way to start building foundations for learning and I bet you will enjoy the time spent teaching as much as your child enjoys the receiving. How can you top snuggling up together on the couch enjoying a great story over and over again? There isn’t a sweeter way to do school! Five In a Row currently has 3 volumes, and many other great products that may interest you, like Before Five in a Row for children ages 2-4. Volume 3 currently retails for $19.95.

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