Heads Up! frames and reader

Do you have a child with ADD or is highly distractible and struggles with keeping his attention to reading? Does he get frustrated with a page of words and may be unable to focus? If so, you may be interested in these products by Heads up! The company is designed to service both the learning disabled population as well as those who may have sensory issues. The items I received to review were their “frames” and “readers”. These products are perfect for the distractible student. They have large frames (4″ by 9″) and small frames (4″x 41/2′) that are meant to block off a section of a page. They reason that this works as a child may become overwhelmed with seeing a large page of text and the frames work to lock in the material, thus capturing the child’s attention. The smaller frames that can be used for putting over word problems so the child doesn’t get overwhelmed with content, and can also zero in on the task at hand.

If a child has a tendency to look away when doing his work and catch his eye on something else that is yearning for his attention and can’t find where he was last reading when re-directed, the readers work to mark the spot so he’ll know right where he left off.

They have a “top of the line” and “double time” which are reading aids that help you keep your place in a book. They are highlighted strips of color between two strips of grey, serving to highlight a line at a time.

I have just one mildly distractible child, so I had a chance to try these products out on him. He gravitated to the Heads Up! reader, and he wanted me to tell you he thinks this product is a winner. He generously passed out a reader to each of his brothers and told them to use them when reading, as they will help to keep their place. He also says they work great as a bookmark, and they are just $1.00 each in the heads of catalogue (frames are the same price).

They have tons of other products for those with special needs. Check out their website, and their blog to read more.

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