Angel in a Bubble

Angel in a Bubble was written and illustrated by the author when she was just 9 years old! All you kids out there who aspire to be a writer and or illustrator: here is proof, it can be done! Melisa’s little story (21 pages) should inspire you to pursue your own dreams to get published. In Angel, Melisa explores through a character name Alison, meeting her own personal angel. The angel first appears as a bubble (because that’s what happens when an angel falls into the ocean), and she must accompany her angel on a quest to find a rainbow. Then she plans to talk to God and have her bubble angel returned to a regular angel.

Sure, the story is cute and silly, but I think it’s great that Melisa’s parents encouraged her to take her little story and turn it into a book. I know my son has dreams of being published some day, so I hope he too finds inspiration from this short story.

Great job Melisa!

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