Mathematical Reasoning Level C

Here is another great product from The Critical Thinking Company. Mathematical Reasoning is a bright and colorful workbook, thick with over 300 pages of mathematical problems for your second grader to solve. I have a second grader who doesn’t exactly love math, but he tolerates it. I use primary mathematics (Singapore math) for his core curriculum, and have a feeling it is just a bit over his level, and the workbook is a little dry so I think that explains why he isn’t in love with it.

Now Mathematical Reason on the other hand has huge appeal. The cover sports a smiling Octopus, and every one of those 300 hundred page is in living color! And, the tasks are more than just add this, or multiply that. The lessons are creative and fun, with just the right amount of challenge – baseball analogies, puzzles, shapes, connect the dots, money and candy questions too! The skills “spiral” in the book, so the child will see concepts repeat themselves, but won’t become bored by having something drilled over and over. They suggest that you go through the book in chronological order, but feel free to skip over pages that your child has mastered. So far my son has enjoyed going through the book, doing a page a day as a supplement to his primary math, and this could certainly be used as a primary curriculum. He hasn’t complained once, which says a lot.

Here are more facts from the product description:

Mathematical Reasoning helps children devise strategies to solve a wide variety of math problems. This book emphasizes problem solving and computation to build the math reasoning skills necessary for success in higher-level math and math assessments. This book is written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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