The government wants your babies

The government wants your babies

J. Michael Smith in his Washington Times Op-ed questions the Obama plan to begin government schooling from infancy.

In a 2005 Stanford University/University of California study that focused on children attending preschool, it was confirmed that attendance in preschool centers, even for short periods of time each week, hindered the rate at which young children developed social skills. These findings refuted the assertion by many that for children to develop socially, they must be involved in a classroom setting at a very early age.

The Southwest Policy Institute concluded: “Contrary to common belief, early institutional schooling can harm children emotionally, intellectually and socially, and may later lead to greater peer dependency.”

Child psychologist and author David Elkind, who has researched early childhood education, wrote: “When we instruct children in academic subjects … at too early an age, we miseducate them; we put them at risk for a short-term stress and long-term personality damage. … There is no evidence that such early instruction has lasting benefits, and considerable evidence that it can do lasting harm.” Read more…

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  1. This has been batted around for a long time. I really don’t see it happening…the school system already is hard up for money. I know that they are trying to justify the cost by saying that it’s going to save money later but I just don’t think anyone is buying into that theory. Especially when already none of our school bonds are passing….
    It may not affect me right now because I homeschool, but it’s also one of those steps in the system that’s just a short way from making everyone “go to school”, especially if they can get someone to say how beneficial it is to do so. Bleah, hopefully it’s all hot air.

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