The New Testament activity-pak

Homeschool in the woods specializes in history timelines and activity-paks. They make history hands on and engaging so there is no falling asleep from reading a boring textbook. I had the chance to review their activity pak on the New Testament. It includes 15 activities that will produce a top-notch lapbook. Personally, I like the idea of lapbooks, but I’ve never been able to get my boys excited about them. So I was hoping this chance would be different, and they would hail to the teacher for allowing them to do such a hands-on, fun activity that would result in a lovely record of their study! I also admit to being craft-challenged, especially when it comes to folding and molding, so I approached the project with a bit of wonder, can I really pull this off? You bet I can!

From the Homeschool in the Woods website:

Study the New Testament and follow the life of Jesus from His birth to death to life again! Learn about His many stories, lessons, and miracles. Get to know His disciples and witness the beginnings of the Christian church. The New Testament Activity -Pak is loaded with 15 Lap Booking project topics that incorporate creative writing, coloring, research, Bible study, and more. Designed to provide activities and encourage personal research on the topics, use it to accompany any Bible study or history program you are using!

In addition to the 15 activities you get 2 bonuses – The New Testament News and The armor of God. The New Testament news gives the student the chance to be a reporter and write articles and fill out advertisements related to the works of Jesus and the lives he influenced. The armor of God is an excellent review, and allows the student to put his or her own picture clothed in traditional armor gear. For all activities they have included thorough, detailed instructions on how to put together the lap book, and color pictures are provided. So even though it looks intimidating, it need not be. The activities themselves have renaissance type art, and require the student to cut and color, the text of what is to be learned is on the activity itself. As we cut we read the text and discussed it. What a nice time of sharing together. And, the boys learned New Testament facts and beautiful sections of scripture. I was impressed at how much they knew already, and they added to what they didn’t know. It makes me feel good to know that they are writing the word of God in their hearts.

This is a nice project to do if you have hands-on learners. Though we didn’t finish the pak (printer was not agreeable to what needed printing), we still enjoyed the prep work. That would be my only caveat – there is a good amount of printing involved, so you must have a hearty printer. But, if that isn’t a problem for you then you’ll be satisfied with the end results, once this is completed it is sure to be a beautiful lapbook

Where to buy:

Download from the publisher $18.95.

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