Exploring Creation with Biology

Once we enter high-school sciences with our homeschool students, we may feel unqualified to teach, or overwhelmed with the task. I shiver at the thought of teaching algebra, physics, calculus, and yes, biology. So thank the Lord he has provided wonderful curriculum to help equip us such as Apologia Biology. This course, designed for your 9th/10th graders is comprehensive, written to the student, and is based on a creationism/biblical worldview. Though I have yet to use this, I have it and plan to use it next year with my high-schooler. We have completed Apologia’s elementary science, general science, and are doing their physical science this year. Both my sons and I are pleased with what we have discovered so far.

What can you expect to find in the Apologia program? At first glance, the nearly 600 page text book looks daunting. Wow! It is a big book. But no need to be scared of the size, just imagine all the great knowledge being conveyed between the pages. Biology is the study of life, and apologia takes you from the foundations of what is life, examining DNA and the different kingdoms, the chemistry of life, offering a detailed look at the cell, and includes much more that with also a module on reptiles, birds and mammals.

In fact, there are 16 modules total. The modules are designed to be covered over a 2 week period, devoting 45-60 minutes per day, allowing for 33 weeks then to complete the entire curriculum. The labs are a crucial part, and the student would be expected to complete them and keep a neat, thorough one with the anticipation that someday the lab book may be shown to a college administrator as proof that a lab component was part of the student’s core schooling.

There is a dissection and a microscopic portion to the text, and though they recommend them, they do not make them a requirement of the course. They appreciate not all homeschoolers have access to expensive microscopes and slide sets. We are lucky to have a set of microscopes available to us from our local support group, perhaps you may also, or your local science center may have a learning center (ours does) where microscopes are available. This seems a solid, thorough curriculum and Homeschoolbuzz.com highly recommends it! The 2 book set retails for $85

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