Famous Men of Rome

Being a mom to three boys, I love to find biographies and stories that feature remarkable men in history. Famous Men of Rome was a great pick for me, as it takes a look at many of the famous, and infamous men that shaped the Roman world. Boys like action packed stories and where better find action than ancient Rome! Many of these guys I hadn’t heard of, but that didn’t mean their contributions were any less important.

In Famous Men of Rome, 29 men are featured, with their stories told in an engaging manner. So, as we gathered around the breakfast table I read to eager listeners, all ears open and attentive to these stories of adventure, betrayal, and drama. We learned that Romulus founded Rome, and upon his foundation came a bustling, influential city. Or how about Brutus, Horatius, Mucius the left-handed, Julius Caesar, Marcus Aurelius, and Constantine the Great. They all have fascinating tales to tell. This text has a glossy paperback cover and plenteous black and white and color illustrations, which really add to the stories. Some of the stories, such as the history of Romulus and Remus blend fact with fiction, such as the brothers being raised by wolves seems to cling to the fiction side of their story.

Along with the text, there is a teacher guide and a companion student guide. So, this curriculum is much more than just reading biographies, there are comprehension questions, vocabulary, mapping, facts to know, and hands on activities too to help cement the facts learned. With 30 workbook lessons, Famous men of Rome can easily last you a year. The teacher and student guides are invaluable, offering a very comprehensive picture of historic Rome.

Famous Men of Rome is published by Memoria Press, “which is a family run publishing company that publishes classical Christian education materials for home and private schools.”

Where to buy: Memoria Press

Text $16.95

Student Guide $17.95

Teacher Guide w/ key $17.95

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