Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story Book 1

Katie is a 9-year-old who moves to a new home, a big old house out in the country. Shortly after her arrival she thinks she hears a girl laughing. Then, mysterious gifts such as a hair bow and a dreidel show up on her dresser. Katie soon finds out the mystery gifts, just in time for her birthday, are from a ghost-girl named Kimble. Kimble, the friendly ghost, becomes fast friends with Katie. Kimble does more nice things for Katie, and Katie loves her new friend.

The language in the book is easy, good for those ready for chapter books. Some sensitive kids might be at first be a little “spooked” by a ghost as a main character, but Kimble is so pleasant you quickly forget she’s really a ghost! She pals around with Katie, and teaches her the dreidel game (rules with pictures are included in the story). Another spunky character is Katie’s dog Twinkle, her ever present, playful English sheepdog is very appealing.

I should mention Katie was disobedient on one occasion – she went to the forest with Kimble, the one place her parents told her not to go. Parental rules should trump favors for friends. Though she ends up being forgiven of the action, it is worth discussing.

Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story is the first in the Katie & Kimble series their adventures continue with Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish.

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