My Side of the Mountain

In this beloved classic, Sam Gribley retreats to the Catskill Mountains with little more than his knowledge and will to be self-sufficient. His “Thoreau” approach proves satisfying, and yields him contentment, new friends, and a sense of confidence that he really can live off the beautiful and challenging terrain. But not all his life is peachy; he weathers storms, loneliness, and hardship. Despite the challenges he does more than survive, he thrives, and enjoys meals such as acorn pancakes, sassafras tea, and the companionship of a baby falcon named Frightful and a few wandering strangers.

Beautifully told, the story will satisfy your reluctant readers, and hopefully inspire them to appreciate the wonder of God’s creation. It would be cool to follow up the story with a trip to the Catskills, or a camping excursion to your own part of the forest, and a visit to a birds of prey exhibition. Highly recommended.

Sequels include:

On the Far Side of the Mountain and Frightful’s Mountain

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