WriteShop worksheet pack and Teachers guide (ebooks)

Primary Book A Activity set worksheet pack (eBook)

Write Shop has yet another option for your primary writers.

Geared to grades K-2, this flexible writing program is kid-friendly and advances with the child’s progress, starting out easy, and moving on to more challenging writing assignments. There are 10 lessons, each one has a writing practice page to complement the lesson. (Note: this is to be used with the teacher’s manual, see separate review of that.)

*Lesson 1 is tracing letters in 3 letter words such as ant, cat, bee, and a word bank supplies choices for the child to pick another animal to write. Perhaps he can then write a simple story about his “pet” animal.

*Lesson 2 is fill in the blank with drawing pictures of his favorite things.

*Lesson 3 is bright ideas, the child fills in the blanks what he wants to write about.

*Lesson 4 is book titles for friends, from a chosen list the student will fill in the blank.

Now lets jump to the last few lessons,

*Lesson 9 fills in the blanks with a story staring the child being the end result.

*Lesson 10 is putting the pieces together of a provided sequence of events.

As you can see, there is quiet a variety of activities so a child would be hard-pressed to be bored. But, for the student to get the most out of the writing activities, the practice writing should be encouraged. Here’s what the write shop has to say about that:

“The back of many pages of the Activity Set Worksheets provides space for your child to write freely at the level with which he is comfortable. Encourage him and praise him for his efforts. Your attitude is key to modeling enthusiasm and motivation for building creative writing skills.”

The Pack also includes 2 evaluation charts so you can keep track of your child’s progress.

We had just finished our writing program early, and being able to download another writing package was a great option for me. I didn’t have to hunt through a catalog to find something else. This works great for those in a pinch.

WriteShop Primary Book A worksheet pack ebook is available at the WriteShop site for a very affordable $4.50

WriteShop Primary Teachers guide

The teachers manual provides you with the necessary details of the writing lessons for Primary book A worksheet pack. Right away I was impressed with the relaxed feel of this curriculum. You are encouraged from the get-go to view writing as a fun, pleasurable activity. Writing is not to be a rigorous chore but rather a delight! I love that approach.

The WriteShop also recognizes that children bloom at unique intervals, so the curriculum does not have a cookie cutter approach. They suggest you have a “writing center” where you have an alphabet chart, a newsprint pad, writing tools, manila folders available for portable word banks, publishing tools (glue.tape/yarn), table, and an easel. To encourage the creativity in your child he should have the tools handy for the lessons, or for whenever he has the desire to write. Have a child who balks at writing? No problem, he can dictate stories to you, and write at his own pace.

How about the mechanics of the program, how does it flow? The lessons (10) are split into eight activity sets. Activity 1and all other activities include guided writing practice, 2 includes pre-writing activities, 3 is brainstorming, 4 is the writing project, 5 is editing and revising, 6 is worksheet, 7 is the final draft, and 8 is a chance to evaluate. For your very early learners, you can spread the lessons over three weeks, and for your older students (grades 2 or early 3) you can do a lesson a week.

My son took the fast track, and we did 2 sets per day. The first lesson we explored the subject of pets and wrote about our current pets, pets we would like to have, and strange pets. He had no trouble completing the lesson and we had fun writing together! That speaks volumes! I think this is a comprehensive, entertaining writing program for your younger set. WriteShop has got another winner here, and if you are looking for a thorough, and not too demanding writing program that makes writing enjoyable you should definitely check this curriculum out. I reviewed the ebook, and it retails at the WriteShop site for: $24.25. Note: With the e-book you can print lessons as needed, no need to print the whole book out at its entirety.

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