Guns of Thunder

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What would you have done if you dwelt on the Connecticut frontier in 1740-1745 when the French and Indians were attacking settlements? Young Ian M’Kethe, who lives with his mother, younger sister, baby brother, and grandfather, hopes to avoid war and go to Yale, but his older cousin Roland wants to join the militia and fight. Unfortunately, Roland has such bad eyesight that he can hardly see to shoot, while Ian is a great shot. But Ian is also good at raising corn and makes enough money to buy Roland some glasses. So Roland goes off to battle in Canada, but his colonial unit is promptly captured by the French. Hence, Ian feels a responsibility to join the militia so that he might rescue his cousin. Is Roland still alive or not? And will Ian survive to achieve his dreams? We have previously read the excellent “Crown and Covenant” series (Duncan’s War, King’s Arrow, and Rebel’s Keep) by Bond about the M’Kethe family (Ian’s ancestors) in Scotland during their struggle to maintain their covenantal faith when the English crown was trying to stamp it out. Some of the M’Kethes emigrated to the New World, and the story continues with Ian and his family. If you are looking for good historical fiction to complement a study of the French and Indian War period of American history, this is it! Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield even play a part in the story.

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