Homeschooling: Socializing, friends, and support

Homeschooling: Socializing, friends, and support

Now that you’ve made the leap into homeschooling, you may start getting questions about “socialization”. Well-meaning friends and family outside the homeschooling community may think that your educational choice will limit you and your children’s opportunity for friendships and “socializing”. They fail to realize that homeschooling doesn’t mean you are going to isolate yourself from the world you live in. You and your children will still have the same opportunites to create friendships with those around you through community activities, church, sports, and even everyday activities such as going to the grocery store and bank. In fact, as homeschoolers, your children have the potential to experience a vast array of social interactions with people of all ages. Interactions that aren’t normally experienced by children who attend a traditional public school because they are limited to interacting within their own age group during school hours. Read more…

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  1. Home school is somehow a good idea for parents who really want to have time to their kids and have enough income to sustain their ways of living. But I will still go for home schooling if I have the enough resources.

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