The Wisdom of Solomon Lapp

In this quaint storybook about Amish children and their adventures, we meet siblings Solomon and Sara and their extended family and friends. With 12 stories, there is plenty of good reading here (256 pages) for your younger children. Each little story includes a scripture verse and imparts a helping of wisdom, such as praying before giving advice, sharing with others, and not being lazy. After Sara and Solomon hear the wise words, they are no sooner faced with a situation that challenges them to act upon what they were just taught.

In the first story, Solomon seems to be the guy to go to for advice, but he’s quick to speak without first seeking God. So, he recommends to his friend who has poor brushing habits to go clean his teeth with soap. And for his friend who can’t tell her cats apart, he suggests she paints one of the tails green. Yikes! Solomon learns his lesson when he gets the negative feedback back from all his buddies and he seems the importance of seeking God’s wisdom for situations.

This is a lovely little book, adorned with beautiful color illustrations on every page. This is sure to be a treat for your “youngins” and will give you an authentic glimpse into the Amish folk’s lifestyle. Some Amish words and phrases are sprinkled throughout the stories and a glossary of these words is included in the back of the book.

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