Diamonds and Toads

Diamonds and Toads

We recently got this note from Kate Wolford, Lecturer, Indiana University South Bend.

I run a blog called, and am hoping more and more home scholing families will find it. It is geared toward students who are learning to write on the college level. More importantly, it is about the art, study, analysis and research of fairy tales.
The site is geared to students in or preparing for college.
Please don’t let the “fairy tale” focus turn you off. The site does delve deeply into the subtexts and meanings of tales, but in a responsible way. I have had many home school graduates in my fairy tale and writing classes — everyone of them has loved the experience.

Kathy checked it out and found lots of conversations related to aspects of writing fairy tales, it looks very creative. If you have a budding writer of fantasy in the family, be sure to check out

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