The Dragon of Trelian – Review

The Dragon of Trelian – Review

Calen, a mage’s apprentice makes fast friends with the spunky princess Meg, one of the daughters of the King of Trelian. She considers her new friend immediately trustworthy, and shares a brilliant secret with him.  The two share adventures and dangers.  This story about kingdoms and castles, mages and princess, secrets and friendships will entertain you with its fairy tale like feel.
First off, because the story co-stars a mage’s apprentice, there is the practice of magic, including divination.  So beware this content if you prefer the books for your children to be free of this.
I liked the way the friendship of the two children developed, and how the were very faithful to one another.  Now the book is called the Dragon of Trelian, so where does he come in? He’s next.  Meg found the dragon (her little secret to Calen), whom she named Jakl, and she develops this special bond with him.  Calen helps Meg learn about the dragon through research in the library.  The link between Meg and Jackl is a powerful one, especially when Meg opens herself to the dragon.  Here is an excerpt where Meg debates fully embracing the link to her dragon:

Jakl was depending on her.  He needed her, and she kept trying to shut him out.  She had to find a way to live with the link.  To embrace it, as Calen had said.  To live fully in the reality of her situation instead of clinging to a past that was already beyond her reach.  She owed it to herself and to her dragon.  Her dragon, she thought again.  Jakl had claimed her as his own from the beginning.  It was time for her to claim him in return.  “All right,” she said softly, let me go.

And so she links to the dragon and instead of being overpowered by him she finds their identity together to be a pleasant experience.
This was an interesting, different sort of book, but I do think it meandered at times.  I found the middle to require patience to get through, but worth the investment of time as this is a big book (400+ pages).
What I didn’t like was the vengeful spirit Meg possessed throughout the book (which did change somewhat by the ending).  She desires at one point to plunge a knife deeply into her enemy’s throat.  Yikes!  That is quite a wish for a young princess.  But, instead of me spoiling some of the plot points you’ll have to read to discover why a young girl could possess such strong emotions.
Overall, the Dragon of Trelian was an enjoyable read and the author pulls the story together nicely from beginning, to middle to a satisfying conclusion.
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  2. I thought the book got off to a slow start, too. Then, about just over halfway through, I couldn’t put it down until I finished.

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