U.K. Tightens Leash on Homeschoolers

U.K. Tightens Leash on Homeschoolers

LifeSiteNews.com has more on the increasing persecution of homeschoolers in the UK.

Families will be forced to register with authorities and could face criminal penalties if they are deemed to be inadequately educating their children. The compulsory program will be administered by local councils who will visit parents intending to homeschool within one month of registration. Parents and guardians, the rules say, “must provide a clear statement of their educational approach, intent and desired outcomes for the child over the following twelve months.”

Homeschooling groups said they are “absolutely devastated” at the news. Annette Taberner, from the advocacy group Education Otherwise, said, “To suggest parents can continue to home educate but then give powers to local authorities to enter our homes and interview our children without an adult being present is just extraordinary. Read more…

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