Set in the early 20th century, Airborn takes readers on a highflying, swashbuckling adventure through the skies. Cabin boy Matt was born in the air, and is at home aboard his airship the Aurora. He meets up with a passenger, Kate, and the two develop a friendship and become co-adventurers on a journey that takes them face to face with dastardly pirates and strange winged creatures called “cloud” cats.

Airborn will entertain the pickiest of readers – It is full of fast-paced action and great characters. Matt and Kate make a great team and the plot has nice variety that will keep the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next. The idea of airship travel is fascinating, and the author provides lavish descriptions of this “Titanic” of the skies.

Here’s Matt describing the ship:

Light poured in the lounge’s windows as we strolled through the writing and reading room with its wicker furniture and ivy growing up trellises, little desks with blotters and inkwells and Aurora stationery. Past that was the first-class reception room where groups of people could gather at tables and order drinks and coffee before and after meals. The dining room was being reset for lunch, stewards clattering silverware and crystal as they arranged the place settings. All the dishware was emblazoned with the insignia of the Lunardi airship line….I’d given the tour a hundred times, and the words streamed out automatically today: a smattering of history, technical details, and airship lore.

This is a great story, but bewares there be but a few- a swear word (must they always include at least one?), some violence that leads to the death of some of the characters, but then keep in mind those dastardly pirates are just living up to their name.

If you like adventure and fantasy, you’ll be right at home with Airborn. Follow-up the read with checking out the sites below. If you like the book you’ll be happy to hear that Airborn is the first of a trilogy, Skybreaker and Stairclimber are the sequels.

Websites to check out:

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