Carnival of Homeschooling – the Founding Fathers edition

Henry Cate Hosts the carnival this week at Why Homeschool. He has a patriotic review of the the founding fathers in honor of the U.S. Independence Day.

July fourth is when the United States celebrates its independence from Great Britain. School taught me the basic facts of the Revolutionary War. As I grew older I grew more impressed by the caliber of men and the momentous events that lead to the formation of the United States.

(The following images are from various US Federal Government web sites.)

Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers were an amazing set of men. They created a new country on a foundation of freedom. For centuries most countries were lead by kings. The Founding Fathers organized a new type of government. They were wise. They put limits on government and separated the powers. These men often gave credit to their mothers. Read more…

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