Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ and Messiah: An Illustrated Collection of Bible Notes

This book is a narrative of the life of Jesus Christ taken from the combined accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John based on the King James Version of the Bible but rendered in simple modern English. It is divided into ten major parts with a total of 110 chapters, beginning with an Old Testament summary of predictions about the Messiah’s coming, through the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, to the beginning of His church. The text shows the location of the original Biblical source for each event and also contains 120 Old Testament references that are fulfilled in the life of Christ.

There a couple of things to note. It is difficult to construct a precise chronology of Christ’s life from the four Gospels, and even Bible scholars are not always agreed on when specific events happened or how certain ones relate to others. However, Bible believers do recognize that they all happened, so the exact order is not always important, and this book does a good job of giving the general flow of incidents. Also, depending on one’s religious background, not everyone will always agree with all the notes that Hobbs adds by way of explanation, so in this sense the book is somewhat like a commentary on the life of Christ. However, in general, it would be a good tool for young people to use in an overall study of the life of Christ to help keep them from getting bogged down in the detail of trying to compare Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. To make the book more useful, there is an appendix with six maps, a chronological index, and a bibliography of suggested reading for further study. Thus, it would be a good supplement to a homeschool curriculum on the history of Christ’s life and times.

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