Carnival of Homeschooling: Juggling Workshop

Hosted this week at Home Spun Juggling. Lots of nice family juggling pictures and, of course, great posts from homeschoolers.

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling Juggling Workshop! I have heard many people use the term juggling when talking about their homeschooling life. This always makes me smile, because I am a juggler! I figured I would walk you all through one of my juggling workshops as you read this week’s contributions to the carnival.


One of the first things I teach students is how to balance an object. This is very simple. Place a peacock feather or pool cue (or broom, bat, or other similar object) on your hand. The wider or heavier end should be up in the air. Keep your eyes on the top. When you see the top shift, move your hand underneath it to maintain balance. Keeping your eyes on the top is sort of like watching your goal. Things are easier to balance if you are always looking up. If you watch the end in your hand you are more likely to struggle with balance because you don’t notice your object is tipping until it has already moved significantly from 90º and is about to fall. Sometimes homeschoolers feel out of balance when they lose sight of their goals. Read more…

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