Men of Science, Men of God

The conventional wisdom is that with all the advances that “science” has made in our day, it is impossible for a “true” scientist to believe in God, creation, and the Bible. In fact, I can just see all the atheists and evolutionists sitting around in the lotus position with their hands folded, together chanting their mantra, “Evolution is science, creation is religion; evolution is science, creation is religion,” over and over again, apparently thinking that if they just say it enough, doing so will make it true and everyone will believe it.

In this book, the late Henry M. Morris, founder and long-time president of the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, CA, chronicles the lives and beliefs of 101 great scientists of the past who firmly believed in God and for the most part rejected evolution. Some of them will be familiar to most people, such as Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Louis Pasteur, George Washington Carver, and, for those of us who grew up in the rocket age, Werner Von Braun. Others will not be as well known, but their contributions to science are no less valuable. In fact, their accomplishments were the result of their firm belief that the universe was created in an orderly fashion rather than the result of random chance, and thus they were simply seeking to find the natural laws that God had established in creation. The book was republished in 1982 by the New Leaf Publishing Group. It contains brief biographies and is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, but it is a wonderful resource to supplement any science curriculum.

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