My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook

Rhyming books are essential to teaching reading to beginners. Cat in the Hat type books help a young child recognize word patterns and are a fun way to learn the English language. Perhaps you’ve exhausted the “Bob” books and Dr. Seuss tiles and are looking for a storybook that is fresh and new, and takes reading segments from the Bible. Then you’ll be excited to learn about My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook from Tyndale publishers. This clever storybook pairs up rhyming bile stories with sight words and comprehension questions. There are also suggested hands on activities after each story.

Let me give you an example of what you’ll be reading. Here’s an excerpt from “The First Family” from Genesis 2-4

The first man was Adam and Eve was his wife.
God wanted to give them a nice, happy life.
He made a big garden with rivers and trees.
God said, “Enjoy all the fruit that you please.
You just can’t eat from the tree in the middle.
Do not take a bite, not even a little.

The story goes on for another 5 pages (the text stays easy to read) and then come a review of words that rhyme, a list of sight words, questions on the story, and the activities – such as drawing a picture of a big garden.

Here’s what the publishers add about the book:

My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook will provide you with great opportunities to connect with your child as you spend time sharing God’s word and take part in fun activities together. Your child will soak in the fascinating messages presented in a fun, new, and unique way. Learning to read has never been so appealing, as children connect the rhymes, observe patterns, and put the words together on their own.

The book is hardcover and 360+ pages. Each story includes several color illustrations.

Overall a pleasant book, great way to learn reading and bible stories from the old and new testament (over 30 stories) at the same time.

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