The “Kids Love” Guidebook Travel Series

If you wish to travel the world, eat at the finest restaurants, and stay at five-star hotels, you want Fodor’s travel guides. If you desire to travel in certain states with your family and do fun things for as little money as possible, then you need the Zavatsky family’s “Kids Love” books. We first met Michele Zavatsky when she gave workshops on how to do Ohio History, a requirement for homeschoolers in Ohio, at the Ohio Home Educators Conferences in Columbus, OH, which we attended for several years when we lived in Dayton, OH. She is an interesting and fun speaker. The Zavatskys are a homeschooling family who likes to travel, so Michele and her husband, and in fact their whole family, began a family business, Kids Love Publications, which puts together travel guides for various states listing family-friendly activities and places which are both fun and educational. Since we have done a lot of travelling in certain states, we purchased their guides for Ohio (which we used extensively when we lived there), Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and perhaps some others. We recently moved to Illinois, so we just got their one for Illinois. They also have books for Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. I just love to read through them to see all the kinds of activities which are available, and it always makes me drool. “So many places to see, so little time!” Each state is divided into geographical regions, and the Zavatskys list their favorites for each region. As they note, various changes do occur, so the reader is encouraged to check the place’s website or call ahead, but all the information need to make the contact is provided. Also, their own website, , has a lot of interesting information and other related materials available. We dearly love these books and have found them very beneficial.

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