What $600 can get you

Bob Ellis of Dakota Voice highlights the recent study by HSLDA dispels many of the myths about homeschooling. There’s a link to the report (labeled “pre-publication”) which shows no academic disadvantage for homeschoolers and in most cases real advantages over public schooling. The report also has many details comparing types of homeschooling and other variables.
Note: the chart above uses percentile rank. 50 means half of the students do better and half do worse. 86 means those students do better than 89 percent of all students. In other words, for all public school ranks, 50 would be (by definition) the normal we are comparing to.

The 2009 Progress Report on homeschool academic achievement tells a remarkable story not only of how well homeschooled students are doing on a fraction of the budget and support staff of public school students, but of how little bang for the buck we’re getting for our tax dollars in the public education system.

Homeschoolers scored in the 80s-range percentile in all academic areas including a composite score, coming in 34-39 percentile points higher than their public school counterparts.

Many people who are considering homeschooling their children worry that a lack of teaching credentials could hinder their child from learning as well. However, the study found that among homeschooled students, it made virtually no difference. Actually, the “not certified” segment of parental teachers scored one percentile higher than the certified. Read more…

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