For the unschooled, everywhere is a classroom

Many parents consider Patapsco State Park, west of Baltimore, a leisure destination. Suzy Provine of Millersville views it as a classroom.

As other children headed back to traditional classrooms, she and her four sons explored the park’s craggy earth and tossed large and small rocks into standing water to test the laws of gravity. Venues such as Patapsco are why Provine, 38, has never sent her children to traditional school, opting instead for an eclectic approach to learning known as unschooling.

A byproduct of home-schooling, unschooling incorporates every facet of life into the education process, allowing children to follow their passions and learn at their own pace, year-round. And it assumes an outing at the park — or even hours spent playing a video game — can be just as valuable a teaching resource as Hooked on Phonics. Read more…

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