‘No’ to Homeschooling Persecution?

From momlogic.com:

Homeschool Mom: Recently, a New Hampshire court decided a 10-year-old girl should be enrolled in public school, per her father’s request. She was being homeschooled by her mother, who is the primary custodial parent. The decision has inspired an organization called the Alliance Defense Fund to speak out on behalf of the mother. The ADF is dedicated to preserving religious liberty and maintaining the sanctity of marriage. They are trying to get the judge in the case to reconsider the decision. I say, however, that this organization is barking up the wrong tree. This is not a case about religious freedom. This is a case about parental rights. Read more…

2 Replies to “‘No’ to Homeschooling Persecution?”

  1. I found momlogic to be illogical. The writer of the article you linked to took the side of the Dad, when the original article clearly stated the judge made his decision based on their religious beliefs.

    Funny that a homeschooling parent like the author would be so anti-school choice for the mother in the story.

  2. At least the author is still married to her husband and made the choice to yield to his wish. Despite how you or I may feel, it's a personal decision they now agree on.

    The New Hampshire woman was ordered by the court. That's clearly way beyond the authority a court should wield.

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