The Evolution Conspiracy

Every author must struggle to find a unique corner in the book market and so, when I was given the opportunity to review a book called “The Evolution Conspiracy”, my first reaction was to think that this subject had been more than adequately covered by many others. What I was not prepared for was the new approach taken by Ms. Shiel.

In this first book of a planned trilogy, subtitled “Exposing Life’s Inexplicable Origins & The Cult of Darwinism”, the author tackles the blind acceptance of evolutionary science, not from a Biblical viewpoint, but from the perspective of one “who dares to think and question and embrace the mystery”. In fact Biblical creationism seems to play no role in the damning evidence she stacks up against the fanatical religion of evolutionary sciences.

The book is thick with data and scientific terms but includes a comprehensive glossary with terms explained clearly in layman’s language. With wit and candor. Ms. Sheil goes about demystifying what society has been spoon-fed for decades. Titles of chapters such as

” Distorting Science”, ” Concocting Genetic Clues” and “Biasing the Fossil Record” give evidence to her thorough investigation of all the sacred cows of the evolution adherents.

I will say that when the author introduced the alternate theory of life called ” Panspermia”, that is the possibility that “life was seeded here on earth from a celestial source” it was a new idea to me. The celestial source was not God (at least not directly) but rather the idea that a comet bearing the seeds of life from outer space deposited the necessary prebiotic molecules, or even that “alien beings kick-started life in their own laboratories”. This theory caused me to read the authors qualifications. Although she holds degree in library Science, she is also a recognized expert on Bigfoot and a certified field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network. Though this is certainly an unusual area of study, it need not detract from the excellent work Ms. Shiel has done in researching and debunking the shaky science of evolution.

I consider this book to be one of merit for students, and parents, seeking to gain hard evidence to back up their good instincts.

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