Homeschooling can’t educate the masses?

Richard A. Boyd, former Mississippi superintendent of education claims homeschooling won’t work in Mississippi. He cites demographics apparently from the recent NHERI Study.

Boyd, writing to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, looked at the research promoted by the homeschooling movement itself.

It shows, according to Boyd, that almost all homeschooled children are in married-couple families (98 percent); most homeschool mothers don’t work outside the home (81 percent); and most homeschool parents have at least a bachelor’s degree (66 percent of fathers, and 63 percent of mothers).

That’s hardly the picture of a typical household in Mississippi, where only 19 percent of adults have a college degree and where the majority of children are born out of wedlock. Read more…

What he doesn’t mention from the same study, more parental education did not always correlate to better homeschool student achievement. (i.e., students of parents certified as teachers did worse). Parent education level did however explain a 2.5% difference in student scores. Not insignificant but certainly within the variance of government schools.
Personally, I don’t think all those single-parent under-educated families in Mississippi would or should take up homeschooling. But it’s nice to know they could if that’s their choice.

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