Doomwyte: A Redwall Tale

Set your paws on the track of a great adventure my friend. Who stole the great-jeweled eyes of Doomwyte long ago? What is Korvus Skurr and Sicariss the snake planning next? What mysteries and adventure await you in Redwall Abbey? Get ready for the latest installment in the Redwall series!

The story starts out when a magpie caught in a storm is trying to seek shelter. It found Redwall Abbey and perched on a dormitory sill where she overheard Bisky the mouse telling the Dibbuns the story of how Gonff the Mousethief stole four jewels from the Great Doomwyte Idol. Having heard the gist of the story, the magpie flies off again to seek out Korvus Skurr, leader of the Doomwytes, to tell him of the story because Korvus has the idol and is looking for the jewels (A Doomwyte is anyone that is willing to follow Korvus Skurr.). He then sends out a raven to kidnap one of the dibbuns. Thankfully, as the raven is carrying the little one away it is shot out of the sky by a hare named Bosie of Bowlaynee. Bosie then agrees to be Redwalls’ defender for food and shelter. Korvus, now in outrage, hires the mighty slayer Baliss the giant snake -who is rumored to be a descendant of the legendary Asmodeus.

While looking though the records, the Redwallers stumble upon the first clue that will tell them where the first eye of Doomwyte is hidden. They decide to take up the treasure hunt, not knowing that Korvus Skurr will to wipe them all out if he has to. This book is filled with loveable characters, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and of course good humor. This installment might be one of the best Redwall books, if not THE best. I greatly enjoyed this book and encourage you to read it. I would give it a 10/10.

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