Ridiculous rules for UK home schools

Via guardian.co.uk

Today, I received a copy of a letter that my local MP sent to the education secretary, Ed Balls. This letter was prompted by my concerns about the Badman report, a review into home-education which was submitted in June and immediately accepted by Balls. The government may implement these recommendations by including them in the Queen’s speech on 18 November.

My six-year-old daughter is educated by me, at home. I am not a home-education evangelist and neither do I have any problem with the concept of school, but I do know that home education works for us. Badman’s recommendations would change what home education means to us – a positive and successful part of our family life – into an ongoing battle with the state. It would be compulsory for me to register with the local authority and a criminal offence for me not to. I would also have to apply to my local authority for approval which may, or may not, be granted. Even if granted, I would have to go through this process on an annual basis and, at any point the LEA could refuse my application and force my child into school. In terms of fostering an educational environment which feels secure for the child, it is hard to think how the government could be less helpful. Read more…

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