Detroit News’ Bogeyman: Homeschooling Moms and Dads

Our old blogging friend Izzy Lyman has an op-ed on the JBS.rog website regarding the recent Detroit News hatchet-job on homeschooling regulation.

The Detroit News featured a huge, above-the-fold, front page story about home education last week.

Take a guess what it was about….

The homeschool graduate who was nominated, for the third time, for a Heisman Trophy?

The former homeschooler who won a Nobel Prize?

The homeschool mom whom Time magazine recently selected as one of the best bloggers in the world?*

If only.

The first sentence of the article: “Calista Springer lay tethered to her bed by a dog collar while siblings went off to school each morning.”

You can guess where this is going. Read more…

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