Earning College Credit at Age 9

From The Paris Post-Intelligencer

Nine-year-old homeschool student Ashley Medlock has already achieved what few people in Paris have, she passed her first College Level Examination Program test on her first try.

CLEP is a company that offers pass/fail tests for college credit on 34 different topics. It allows students to get ahead of the game or save time from a possibly boring class at a fraction of the cost of actually taking the class.

Ashley passed the Western Civilization I CLEP test Nov. 20 at Murray State University, earning three credit hours that will be valid as long as she graduates sometime in the next 20 years.

If everything goes according to Ashley’s plan, graduating in the next 20 years shouldn’t be a problem. She wants to graduate college at the same time she graduates high school, when she is 18. Read more…

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