Indiana parents are subordinate to the state?

From Indiana. An alert reader sent this in (thanks). In effect, the court is saying the state is responsible for children’s education; parents are subordinate to the state. If you read the article, the law is very unclear on this matter.

The two women believed they were adequately home-schooling their children – using age-appropriate books and a computer with Internet access.

But according to the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, Lila M. Ferguson, 38, and Molly M. Williams, 42, committed a crime – neglect of a dependent – by depriving the children of an education. According to court records, the offense was largely characterized by a failure to provide records on the children’s educational progress as they claimed to home-school their children.

And in spite of their court-appointed attorneys’ wishes, the two women pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor version of the charge and were each sentenced Tuesday to a year on probation. Read more…

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  1. This item was on my weblog either yesterday or Friday after I saw it on a homeschooling e-mail list. Thanks for calling even more people's attention to it. While the ladies involved may have made some mistakes, the implications in the article are absolutely chilling. I am trying to get more information about the incident, and it would be nice to know what HSLDA says about it (I am going to assume that they were not involved since the article doesn't mention them one way or the other, and I doubt that any of their lawyers would have made the silly-sounding statements that the ladies' lawyers did.)

  2. How scary. When I homeschooled in Indiana, my understanding of the law was that we were required to keep attendance records only, and we only had to provide them if asked for by the STATE superintendent (NOT the individual district supers). Of course, that was a couple of years ago, the law might have changed, but it seems to me that this is a case of an overzealous prosecutor and frightened parents.

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