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Our friend Wayne Walker has been a frequent contributor to the children’s book reviews on this site. Now Wayne has decided to strike out on his own with a new website devoted to homeschool book reviews. We wish Wayne the best of success in this new venture. Here is his recent press release:

Wayne S. Walker is a homeschooling father and a book reviewer. His book reviewing began several years ago when his older son, then probably ten or twelve, picked up a book at the library and asked if he could read it. It was written by a modern author but said to be based on a famous series of children’s books from the earlier part of the twentieth century that they liked, and it had a recommendation on the back from a well known children’s author. So Wayne and his wife said yes. Well, after their son read it, Wayne picked it up to read it and found that it was NOT for children (or should not be for children) because it had a very vulgar scene in it with quite explicit language. Therefore, he determined that he would preview every book that their children read (unless they had specific recommendations fromtrusted sources).

Wayne began posting his reviews of books on a homeschooling e-mail list and people started to express appreciation for them. He was editing (and still continues to edit) a free e-mail homeschooling newsletter called Biblical Homeschooling ( or ) and began including his reviews, along with those of others, in the newsletter each month. This led to his being asked to provide reviews for several homeschool-related publications and websites, such as The Old Schoolhouse and Home School Enrichment magazines, and Homeschoolbuzz. Then, for the last couple of years, he has been a regular book reviewer for Stories for Children Magazine, an on-line web-zine for young people ages 3-12.

Recently, SFC has closed its book review/library donation program for the time being. However, because of Wayne’s interest in and love of good children’s literature, and because he is a homeschooling father who understands the fact that homeschooling families love to read, he therefore wants to bring to the homeschooling community information about new children’s books and other good children’s literature, so he has started a book review webblog which will be entitled Home School Book Review at . He plans to continue the book review/library donation program of SFC.

The way the program works is that when Wayne finishes reading and reviewing a book that is donated, he will post the review on his weblog ( ) and also send an e-mail with a copy to let the author/publisher know that it has been posted, along with permission to go ahead and use any part or all of the review for marketing efforts. He will also post it on and Barnes & Noble if the book is available from those sources. Finally, he will donate the book to the children’s section of their local library, the Bryan-Bennett Public Library of Salem, IL.

Therefore, if any authors, publishers, literary agents, etc., want Wayne to review any children’s books and post the reviews on the new blog, he will be happy to do so. You can contact him at for more information about the program and how to participate. You may also feel free to add this e-mail address to your list of those to receive notices about new books to review.

Any books for children, ages 3-12, and for teens, whether fiction or non-fiction are welcome (including picture books, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, and biography); also books on topics related to homeschooling or parenting and to apologetics will be accepted. Please be advised that all books will be reviewed from a Biblical Judaeo-Christian worldview. Again, the contact e-mail address is

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