Professor: Basic Skills Test Could Improve Homeschool

The underlying assumption of this proposal seems to be that the citizen is somehow subject to the standards set by the state. Or perhaps that the state has a more compelling interest in the well being of the child than the parent. As any homeschooling parent can tell you, we don’t need a test to tell us how our child is doing. They are not a name on a roster, they are our focus of attention.

In a new article in the journal Theory and Research in Education, professor Robert Kunzman proposes a small step to improve homeschooling: Require states to mandate a basic skills test at key intervals to ensure that students are able to meet appropriate academic benchmarks in subjects such as math and reading.

Unlike in the public system, many homeschoolers are not subjected to frequent assessment tests — however imperfect they may be — to ensure that students aren’t left behind as grade levels progress. While many, perhaps even the majority, of homeschoolers have been shown in (perhaps controversial) studies to perform better than their public school counterparts, others can just as easily be left behind by poor teaching. Read more…

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  1. Gary, thanks for posting this. With the persecution of homeschoolers in Germany and Sweden based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Children which Obama and the Democrats want the US to sign, the tendency of judges here in the US to force homeschooled children into public schools because their education at home is "too religious," the recent conviction of two Indiana homeschooling moms apparently just for not keeping the required attendance records, and the move here in Illinois to institute day time curfews by ROE superintendents who also say that they need more power to monitor homeschoolers, we need to be made aware of every attempt and even suggestion of trying to bring homeschooling under more government scrutiny so that we can fight it with all of our being and stand up for freedom.

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