Frankie: The Walk ‘n Roll Dog

In this touching story we meet Frankie, an adorable dachshund who suffered rear leg paralysis after a spinal cord injury. You might think her quality of life would be compromised with such a handicap, but shortly after her injury she became fitted with a harness with wheels, and regains her mobility. Her uplifting and true story is told by her human mom Barb, but it is Frankie’s voice. From her first days as a pup, her daily routine, to her injury and through her recovery she cleverly tells her life story.

Here’s Frankie’s reaction to receiving her new wheels:

The big moment arrives. Mom takes me outside in my cart and says, “Run free, Frankie! I know you can do it!” She has high hopes I will run right away. It is not that easy. I tend to be a little stubborn. I just stand there, waiting for something to happen. I am not sure I want to learn something new. So, in order to get me to try out my new wheels, Mom coaxes me with doggie biscuits. Inch by inch, I move forward. Pretty soon, I am walking around the block and don’t even notice the wheels behind me. As we walk by Travis, the neighbor boy, he yells, “Hey, look! That dog has tires!” I hold my head high and roll along with pride.

This sweet, award winning picture book will warm your heart. It proves obstacles and unfortunate circumstances can be faced and gotten through with good coming as an end result. And, in Frankie’s case, we learn in book 2 of her journey, Frankie: The Walk ‘n Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby’s House that Frankie gets a job as a therapy dog. She encourages those who have similar handicaps and comforts others who are lonely.

Frankie’s owner and author of the book Barb Techel’s love and devotion to Frankie is uplifting. This inspirational story will put a smile on your face and show you that if you are willing, a difficult journey can reap happiness and a new purpose in life.

My thanks to the author for providing me with copies of Both of Frankie’s books for this review. To learn more about Frankie visit Barbara’s website at: You’ll find there a video all about Frankie and her wheels.

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