Homeschool Writer of the Year Competition 2010

Okay, this took me a while to understand. it’s not a writing contest in the usual sense but Homeschool Writers site lists a bunch of other contests and they want to encourage homeschoolers to enter by offering prizes for entering the most.

It’s a great idea and I encourage your K-12 homeschoolers to check out the list of writing contests waiting for their entry. They also offer deadline reminders for you.

Who can enter the most writing contests this year? This competition encourages homeschoolers of every age to get out their pens and join in the race!

Our Goal
The goal is to help students see that winning a contest is not the important part– it’s entering the contest itself. That’s where this competition comes in; we try to encourage the student to enter writing contests without getting discouraged that they didn’t win each contest. We award recognition not for who won the most but for who entered the most. Our hope is that students will find entering contests fun, even if they don’t win. Read more…

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