216th Carnival of Homeschooling – Spring fest

The 216th carnival of homeschooling is hosted this week by Smallworld at home. They are using a spring theme. Nice. I wish spring would come early up here in the Western New York. As always we have more than a month of winter left here before spring blooms.

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling! I particularly like that this carnival falls on the Queen of all Carnival days: Fat Tuesday. While we won’t be doing any Mardi Gras parading or masquerading around our house today, I just might be brave and tackle making a King Cake this year.

But I think what is on everyone’s minds more than Mardi Gras, the Olympics, and possibly even more than my birthday (tomorrow) is, well, Winter. Seems to me that here in the States, at least, we are all marveling at the record frigid temperatures and outrageous amounts of snow. Or even that some states have snow. I’ve seen more gray skies in the past month than I hope to see ever again. And so instead of festive beads or figure skating or birthday cake, I’m giving this carnival a touch of spring. It really is coming. Read more…

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