Carnival of Homeschooling: House Fever Edition

The Daily Planet is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling: House Fever Edition this week. “House fever” because she doesn’t live in a cabin. I suppose one could also have “double-wide trailer fever” or “apartment fever” or maybe “tug-boat fever” for the select few boat-schoolers out there.

It seems this winter is dragging out as long as it can! I know its still February, but its almost March and that means its time for winter to hit the road! :) Being the lover of hot weather and sunshine that I am, I have house fever! Which is cabin fever except I don’t live in a cabin. :P But there are definitely plenty of things to keep me busy waiting for this winter to finish out!

Things like learning about different festivals and holidays… Read more…

Next Tuesday that carnival is going to be hosted right here on the newly reborn Homeschoolbuzz!

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