The Thing About Georgie

The thing about Georgie is it’s a neat book that puts you in the shoes of Georgie, 10- year-old who’s facing quite a few challenges at once. First, there are his physical challenges: he’s a dwarf. Next, there is personal conflict. His best friend Andy is becoming buddies with another kid named Russ, and Georgie thinks he’s sure to lose his friendship. There’s also Jeanie Meanie, a girl who torments him with her sharp tongue and bully behaviors. And the biggest problem is his family. Georgie’s mom is expecting a baby, and he is sure that this new baby is going to ruin his life.

What’s it like to be Georgie? Here’s an excerpt:

Georgie was used to getting stared at. People had been staring at him for ten whole years. He always could tell when people saw him for the first time, because they would stare at him for so long, it was like they were checking to make sure their eyeballs were working. Then, when they saw that Georgie had seen them looking, they’d blink and look away quickly like they’d done something wrong. Really, Georgie couldn’t blame them for staring. If he saw a man who was ten feet tall, or a woman whose skin was dyed green, he’d probably stare too, just to make sure it was real.

Georgie seems real enough to me, and the author does a good job getting you in Georgie’s skin with frequent asides about his physical challenges, and allowing him to honestly voice his opinions and most personal thoughts. This was a real sweet story, and a great choice for those who want to gently show their children that people who are different are really the same as anyone else. It just takes a minute and a book like this to adjust one’s perspective.

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