What are you teaching your homeschoolers about work?

Author and internet guru Seth Godin has a post relevant to homeschoolers.

I tried to be an entrepreneur. That hardest part is breaking free of the mental-model of work I have learned over the years. I’ve always tried to encourage my sons to be entrepreneurs from lemonade stands when they were little, to bigger goals now that they are older. I have to catch myself sometimes, thinking a part time job might be a good thing. Maybe I should help them open a lemonade kiosk at the mall.

The reason you feel most comfortable with a job (unless, like me, you’re in the minority–a job would destroy my psyche) is that you’ve been brainwashed by many years of school, socialization and practice. I pick the word brainwashed carefully, because it’s more than training or acclimation. It’s something that’s been taught to you by people who needed you to believe it was the way things are supposed to be. Read more…

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