Carnival of Homeschool: Oddities Edition

Welcome to the carnival of homeschool oddities edition. I was trying to categorize all the wonderful posts submitted to us this week when I noticed many of them defied categorization. They are truly oddities. (Am I right, many homeschoolers would consider themselves oddities?) Coincidentally, I also remembered seeing some truly odd items on amazon recently so I set off to find a few to bring to you. I bet you didn’t know what you can buy on the intertubes these days.

We don’t need no stinkin’ mini-van

For too long homeschoolers have been stereotyped as all wearing denim jumpers and driving mini-vans with wood-grain side panels. Well, it’s time to change that image (at least the mini-van part). With the Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank, you now can command some respect on the road.

Lara DeHaven holds some Olympic Games at Home
DeputyHeadmistress confers A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Conference!!!
Save the date for an upcoming Charlotte Mason homeschooling retreat!

Angry Mob Playset

While modern toys have become safer and less offensive, there’s something to be said for the old fashioned angry mob playset. Hours of angry fun.

Jimmie lists 25 Must-Read Homeschooling Articles for Newbies
Actually this list of homeschooling basics is not just for newbies. Seasoned homeschoolers can glean from many of the articles.
Jimmie reviews Winter Promise American Story 1 Curriculum Review
A curriculum review from a satisfied user.
Kirsten Erin answers Why We Do This: Homeschool
Andrea Hermitt scribes about Always Adjusting
I love that we can adjust our schedules to prevent stressing out and overwhelming the children

20 CT Natural Untreated Ruby

If you have about 3-million dollars lying around, why don’t you order yourself a ruby? What homeschool mom could resist that?

Quirky Momma offers Tips for Moms, Activities for kids by Quirky Mommas » Blog Archive » Headsprout: Early Reading Curriculum
We were thrilled to have discovered this reading program! My daughter has already learned to read numerous words! I love that the program does the teaching
Amy @ Hope Is the Word declares Read Aloud Thursday
In this post, I highlight read-alouds we have enjoyed, as well as a related art activity. My children are 5 and 4.
Dolfin offers Music Appreciation – unschooly version
Our current take on Music Appreciation
Rachel Lynette tells us why Word Searches are Stupid
Michelle Evans creates Michelle Dennis Evans: Miss 6′s Foldable Car
Craft for the not so crafty

Outwitting Squirrels

: Who doesn’t have problems with squirrels Misappropriating of Seed from Your Birdfeeder?

…and while you’re at it, you can’t have them running around your yard without any underpants.

Ottens proposes Freeing Children From Government Schools
In spite of ever rising costs and increasingly disappointing results, the government monopoly on education is hardly ever called into question. Education, defenders of the system argue, is too important to leave to the free market.
Ben Dinsmore gives Tips on Teaching Kids About Money
When it comes to teaching children and young adults about managing money, most schools in the United States get a failing grade. Here are some great ways to introduce your child to money no mater what their age.
hall monitor calls our attention to School claims Jesus was a vampire
Interesting point of view coming from a school website.
Katie Glennon considers The Value of Drama and Plays in Your Homeschool
We beat the cold, winter weather this year by being active in our local community theatre.

Uranium Ore

I’m sure a few hard-working homeschoolers refining some Uranium Ore, we can solve the energy crisis right now. Bring it on!

Catherineshares Reading instruction instruction
Addressing the five necessary components of reading instruction.
Deana shares A+ Homeschool Giveaways
I’ve begun a collection of homeschool giveaways on my site – it’s a linky list and I invite all of you to participate. If you’re a homeschool blogger, feel free to post a link to your current giveaway. The only rule is that your giveaway prize should appeal to homeschooling parents. That’s it! This list will be refreshed on Sundays, so if you’ve got an ongoing giveaway, be sure to come back and repost it every week.
Carletta has integrated Homeschooling and the 4 Hour Workweek
Describes how I freed up hours in my day using principles from the book The 4-Hour Workweek.
Jenny shares My homeschool secret weapon #3- audio books
Everyone loves a good story, my job as a homeschool mom is to reel them in. I capture the readers at my house using audio books. I list some past favorite at our house, and how I capture my emergent readers with first a good book on audio, next-the sequel in print..and then I don’t finish it.. We have some big winners at my house, mostly comedy, I list them and mention why we like them so much.
Pamela Jorrick goes about Spillin’ the Beans
ChristineMM has a plan When You’re Here…
ChristineMM of The Thinking Mother shares a story about involving a schooled boy in their homeschooling lifestyle while he visited for the weekend.
Beverly lists Featured Homeschooling Blogs
Homeschooling parents often start their own blogs or websites to share their stories and their day-to-day experience of teaching their children. Read about how these parents got started in their online writing, then share your own blog or site.
Denise presents Week 6: Reader-Friendly Editing
My homeschool co-op blogging class studies how formatting can make a blog post easier to read.
Amy presents The Homeschooling Community and Supporting Homeschoolers with Children with Special Needs
How the homeschooling community can support homeschoolers with children with special needs.

Barbara tells The Other Side of the Story
A longtime homeschool mom shares memories of homeschooling her children.

Inflatable Toast

Love toast but don’t have room in your pocket or purse? You could always use inflatable toast.

Toast Wallet

If you still can’t get enough toast, well now there’s the toast wallet.

Jane Doe asks for your opinion Press Release: Homeschool Fact Finder
Our latest survey is on the upcoming Census. Will you homeschool graduates join in?
Susan Ryan proposes Turning It Off

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of homeschooling using our carnival submission form Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page

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