Homeschooling in Uganda

Via Daily Monitor: Truth Everyday; Uganda News

Being a secondary school teacher by profession and having a school herself, Mrs Kikonyogo did not think there was any other way of educating children other than how she had been educated. This was until she met children of her relatives who were home-schooled. “They were very confident children and it is them, not their parents, that clearly explained the concept in detail. They were not your usual shy, timid children. I was very impressed and immediately took it up.”

Three years later, Ms Kikonyogo has no regrets. “Even the people who scoffed at me for taking my children out of the traditional school system have no words when they meet my children. They also want to start,” she avers. Read more…

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  1. Hallo.

    Is it possible to meet Mrs Kikonyogo to get info on homeschooling?



  2. If you go to the original article (Linked above under “read more….”) you can email the author (Agnes K. Namaganda) who may be able to help you meet Mrs. Kikonyogo.

  3. Mrs. Kikonyogo, am encouraged by your testimony and would love to know more how I can home school my children and where to get the curriculum.


  4. how can i offer home schooling to my children. and if i wanted to do home schooling for the busy parents what do i do

  5. My son has just finished Primary 7. How can he join homeschooling and from whic form can he join?

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